Managing Multiple JDK Versions with SDKMAN!

In today’s software development landscape, working with multiple Java Development Kit (JDK) versions is not uncommon. Different projects may require different JDK versions due to compatibility issues, language features, or performance optimizations. Managing these JDK versions manually can be cumbersome and error-prone. That’s where SDKMAN! comes to the rescue! What is SDKMAN!? SDKMAN! is a … Read more

Java 8 End of Life (EOL)?

Introduction A few days ago, someone asked me has Java 8 reached the end of its life, and should we upgrade to Java 11 or Java 17. If you have the same question, let’s try to understand the situation, and do you need an upgrade or you can wait? You should consider upgrading to a … Read more

SOLID principles

SOLID is an acronym that represents a set of five design principles in object-oriented programming and software design. These principles aim to create more maintainable, flexible, and scalable software by promoting a modular and clean code structure. The SOLID principles were introduced by Robert C. Martin and have become widely adopted in the software development … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Java Monitoring and Diagnostics Tools: jps, jstat, jcmd, and jmap

Java applications often run in complex and dynamic environments, making it essential to monitor their performance and diagnose issues efficiently. Fortunately, the Java Development Kit (JDK) comes with a set of powerful tools for this purpose. In this guide, we will explore four essential tools: jps, jstat, jcmd, and jmap. We’ll discuss their functionalities, sample … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Running Programs in Java with Maven

Introduction Java developers often need to execute programs as part of their development process, whether they are testing, building, or deploying applications. Maven, a popular build automation tool primarily used for Java projects, provides a convenient way to manage dependencies, build, and run Java programs. In this guide, we will explore various methods and best … Read more