Understanding Kafka Architecture: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction Apache Kafka is a highly scalable, distributed streaming platform designed to handle real-time data feeds. It has become a cornerstone of many big data and event streaming applications, thanks to its high throughput, fault tolerance, and scalability. This blog post aims to delve into the architecture of Kafka, covering its core components, how it … Read more

Leveraging Kafka Spring Dead Letter Queue for Resilient Messaging

Introduction In the realm of distributed systems, robust communication between microservices is paramount. Kafka, with its high throughput and fault-tolerant design, has become a go-to solution for building scalable messaging systems. However, ensuring message reliability in asynchronous communication can be challenging, especially when dealing with failures and errors. One approach to handle such scenarios is … Read more

Solving the Dual Write Problem: Leveraging the Outbox Pattern with Kafka

Introduction In distributed systems, maintaining data consistency across multiple systems is a challenging task. One common problem that arises is the dual write problem, where updates to multiple data stores must be performed atomically to prevent data inconsistencies. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to tackle the dual write problem using the outbox pattern … Read more