Unveiling the Secrets Behind ChatGPT – Part 2

For part 1 refer to this: Unveiling the Secrets Behind ChatGPT – Part 1 (learncodecamp.net) Implementing a Bigram Language Model When diving into the world of natural language processing (NLP) and language modeling, starting with a simple baseline model is essential. It helps establish a foundation to build upon. One of the simplest and most … Read more

Unveiling the Secrets Behind ChatGPT – Part 1

Introduction Hello everyone! By now, you’ve likely heard of ChatGPT, the revolutionary AI system that has taken the world and the AI community by storm. This remarkable technology allows you to interact with an AI through text-based tasks. The Technology Behind ChatGPT: Transformers The neural network that powers ChatGPT is based on the Transformer architecture, … Read more

Learning from Introduction to Deep Learning

Introduction Intelligence: The ability to process information and use it for future decision-making. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Empowering computers with the ability to process information and make decisions. Machine Learning (ML): A subset of AI focused on teaching computers to learn from data. Deep Learning (DL): A subset of ML utilizing neural networks to process raw … Read more

Intro to Large Language Models

The Busy Person’s Guide to Large Language Models: From Inner Workings to Future Possibilities (and Security Concerns) This post explores the fascinating world of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and llama2, diving into their inner workings, potential future developments, and even the security challenges they present. It’s a summary of a talk by Andrej … Read more

Revolutionizing AI: LLMs Without GPUs? The Promise of BitNet B1.58

Introduction Large Language Models (LLMs) are the powerhouses behind cutting-edge AI applications like chatbots and text generation tools. These complex models have traditionally relied on high-performance GPUs to handle the massive amounts of computation involved. But what if that wasn’t necessary? Recent breakthroughs, like the BitNet B1.58 model, hint at a future where LLMs can … Read more

Writing Test Cases with Github Copilot

Introduction Complex tasks, such as writing unit tests, can benefit from multi-step prompts. In contrast to a single prompt, a multi-step prompt generates text from GPT and then feeds that output text back into subsequent prompts. This can help in cases where you want GPT to reason things out before answering, or brainstorm a plan … Read more

Understanding Embeddings

Introduction Embeddings are numerical representations of concepts converted to number sequences, which make it easy for computers to understand the relationships between those concepts.  Whether it’s natural language processing, computer vision, recommender systems, or other applications, embeddings play a crucial role in enhancing model performance and scalability. Text embeddings measure the relatedness of text strings. … Read more